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Make Money With Digg, Youtube and StumbleUpon

Thursday 9 October 2008 @ 10:31 am

There is a great and easy way that you can earn some extra money online, and that is through a company called Subvert And Profit. They pay you $0.75 per task that you complete which is basically digging a few websites, or voting in Stumbleupon that you like a site. They’ve recently also expanded the service to include Newsvine, iLike and adding videos as favorites on YouTube.

Once you’ve signed up for the service, they will get you to perform a task to confirm that you have an account with one of the websites from their list. You’re able to sign up for as many as you like, and they will send you an email when they have a task ready for you to complete. Usually this will be something like visiting Digg and ‘Digging’ something like four stories. Once you do that, you click a button to verify that the task is complete and your account gets credited 75 cents, its as easy as that!

You can also earn extra money for referrals, you get an extra 10% of whatever your referrals earn which is nice as well and the cashout minumum is only $10. So if you’re looking to make a little bit of extra cash online, subvert and profit looks like a nice, easy way to do it.

Sign up for Subvert and Profit Here!


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