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Buying My Frist Website!

Wednesday 28 May 2008 @ 11:00 pm

This is something that I’ve been considering more and more lately now that I’m becoming more serious and interested about online marketing and making money on the internet. Last week I finally made the plunge and purchased a website!

I’ve doing a lot of reading over on the Digital Point Forums and I usually check the “sites for sale” forum when I’m there, just to get an idea of what some things are worth. One type of site that seems to appear on a regular basis is a site on a travel niche, focusing on information about a specific travel destination. These sites seem to get a fair number of bids, and seem like a decent niche to focus on. They are pretty specific, which means less competition, and there are lots of opportunities to target your content to specific long tail keywords, which will help with the SERP.

I found a user who said they were clearing up room on their server and had 10 sites for sale, all at different prices. There wasn’t a lot of information given about the sites, and I think they were assumed to have very little traffic. I didn’t give much thought to it when I first saw the post, but I left my browser open and noticed it again the next day. Most of the sites were blogs, but I noticed one was a travel niche site which was priced lower than most of the other ones.

I took another look at the site, and really liked the design, there was some effort put into it and it didn’t just look like all of the other travel niche sites. I also saw some quick improvements that I could make to improve the monetization and SEO, and got some ideas for a bit more targeted content that would help with the site.

The site was already indexed by Google, as it has been around for at least 6 months. Although it didn’t have any PageRank, this is still a positive note as it gives me more to build on and improve.

I got pretty excited the more that I thought about and decided to make him an offer for the site! I offered him half of what he was asking and then waited. While I was waiting, I thought more and more about the site, and decided that it was something that I definitely wanted, and actually sent him another offer, increasing my bid if we could close the deal that day.

He got back to me within a few hours and everything was set, I was now the new owner of! I even got my first AdSense click on my first day hosting the site, I’ll take that as a sign that it was a good purchase!

I’ve made a few quick improvements, such as blending the AdSense colour schemes in with the the rest of the site and changing the header graphics for the articles to styled <H1> tags. I’ve also added an extra page of content for a long tail keyword that I’m going to see if I can target, but my facts about Rome page isn’t finished yet.

I’ve already got some traffic coming in from Google, and I”m ranking well with a few good keywords, so I’m thinking positive that this site will do well.

Take a look at the site if you want, and let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for improvements. You can find it here: Rome Travel Guide

What’s Your Favorite Newsreader

Wednesday 21 May 2008 @ 3:42 pm

I know this is a little off topic for this blog, but it’s actually a lot more relevant than you might think! One of the most important things when you have your own blog, is networking and establishing relationships with other bloggers.

If you have your own blog, then chances are very high that there are several other blogs that you read regularly, if there aren’t then you should definitely find some! Two blogs that I love are DoshDosh and College-Startup, check them out if your feed list is empty!

Keeping up to date with other blogs can help you in 3 ways, especially if they are on similar topics to yours.

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What’s Your Favorite Newsreader


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