What’s Your Favorite Newsreader

I know this is a little off topic for this blog, but it’s actually a lot more relevant than you might think! One of the most important things when you have your own blog, is networking and establishing relationships with other bloggers.

If you have your own blog, then chances are very high that there are several other blogs that you read regularly, if there aren’t then you should definitely find some! Two blogs that I love are DoshDosh and College-Startup, check them out if your feed list is empty!

Keeping up to date with other blogs can help you in 3 ways, especially if they are on similar topics to yours.

  1. Reading other blogs can give you ideas for new posts on your own blog. Discussing another blog article in your own posts is a good way to help build a relationship with another blogger. Maybe they will take note of your blog and become a reader. Not only could this add a reader to your blog, but it is a reader who could potentially blog about one of your future posts.
  2. You can easily find interesting articles to read and comment on them. Usually when leaving a comment, there is also a field for the URL of your website, so commenting and adding this can help increase traffic to your site. It adds a backlink to your site if the blog isn’t using ‘nofollow’ for comment links, which can help with search engine results and page rank. Also, if you leave an intelligent or interesting comment, other readers may be inclined to check out your website to see what else you have to say. Many people look down upon the idea of adding poor comments just to try to increase traffic to your page, but I’m not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Just remember that a good comment can have more long term benefits then a quick pointless comment for a link to your page.
  3. You keep up to date with news and other people’s ideas. This helps you to demonstrate yourself as authoritative in the field that you are blogging about. Readers will recognize this and keep coming back to see what else you have to say.

So this brings me back to my original question, when you’re reading your favorite blogs how are you doing it? Do you just have them bookmarked and check them every day or are you using a news reader to track updates through RSS feeds?

I’m currently doing a bit of both. I have many blogs bookmarked which I check frequently, and I also subscribe to some using Google Reader. I also have feeds showing up on my Google homepage for things like Lifehacker and Digg. I’m just not quite convince that Google Reader is the best one out there, it works, but I’m not hooked enough to check it every day even though there are still blogs which I do check, and which I should check on a daily basis.

So leave a comment and let me and the the other readers know what applications you are using for reading RSS feeds and blogs.

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